New Blue Ring Technologies Website! We’re proud to announce our brand new website for Blue Ring Technologies. Given the exponential growth of our company, we want to make sure that our storefront window to the world matches our dynamic progress. Our company started with the simple idea of “Concept to Finished Product” and we believe that our website should reflect this message. We are the only company in South Florida that can deliver an idea to the marketplace and manage every step in the process. Blue Ring has its own in-house design team, prototype equipment, and manufacturing facility to service all of our clients’ needs.

As you browse through our new website, check out our new gallery pictures, which include some of the cutting-edge engineering drawings drafted by our design team. You’ll also find a range of our products manufactured with our injection molding machines, as well as innovative prototypes created by our 3D printers.


Our old website lacked a lot of crucial elements for our business. Clients struggled to navigate the site and it didn’t properly feature what we wanted to focus on – Blogging! We want to put a major emphasis on our ability to periodically inform clients and the general public about all the unique things happening at our shop. Our company represents a new concept that we are coining as “American Neomanufacturing”. Our manufacturing facility is affordable, nimble, and accessible and these advantages have been essential to our phenomenal success. We needed a website that would showcase how we accomplish this, while also educating and inspiring inventors, entrepreneurs and business professionals throughout our community. This website was collaboratively designed by highly creative and talented individuals who understand and support what we’re trying to accomplish. I would like to personally thank Trey Opp for spearheading the redesign of this website, as well as Jesse Azueta for his creative images and one-of-a-kind artistic style. I would also like to thank Leah McNaughton for establishing the foundation of this site and supporting the complex backend development that gives us the flexibility and functionality that we need. So come check us out: