So you have a great idea! What’s next?


You just figured out how you can make the world a better place. It doesn’t matter when or where it happened but you believe so strongly in your idea and are so certain that it is going to change your local community or even the world, that you are willing to risk everything to make your legacy. WELCOME TO BLUE RING TECHNOLOGIES!

Blue Ring Technologies LLC (BRT) was founded on the idea that Bluetooth technologies are being underutilized and our company’s owner and founder, Jay Prendes, bet his life’s work on it. The Jayster™ keychain was Jay’s first creation and from the simple idea that someone can find their lost valuables using smartphones and Bluetooth technology, Jay went all in.

Now is when the hard work really began. What engineering specifications are necessary to convert an idea into reality? How do we manufacture this product? How am I going to market and SELL my idea, my vision, my life’s work?

Jake still needs to be fed every morning and evening. And he eats a lot…

Jake still needs to be fed every morning and evening. And he eats a lot…

Fortunately, Jay is an educated and experienced computer engineer both with hardware and software. Jay has been the master of the DIY prototype since high school when he was a leading member of the Florida Technology Student Association and has earned multiple accolades in the creation and design of multiple projects regarding robotics technologies. Even more fortunate is that Jay was a lead software engineer for Motorola and has technical know-how to bring a product to life.

However, there were harsh realities to be learned when it came to the world of business and plastics. The engineering required to machine a product was not easy but with much help and additional training, it was done. Then came bringing the product to market, which meant creating demand! You mean not only did we have to conceive the idea of the game changer, but now we have to come up with a way to plant the idea of our product in the minds of the general public?

And then came the plastics. For some reason, not only was plastic making this venture viable but it was also making the idea for the business prohibitive due to the costs involved with production. The solution was Blue Ring Technologies.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Fortunately for Jay, he always had his best friend and the best man at his wedding (yours truly) to consult regarding his business. I am Lou Rivera and I am Blue Ring Technologies LLC vice president. With over 14 years of combined experience in owning a business, finance, sales, and management, I have given my expertise and experience to help build and market Blue Ring Technologies from the ground up. BRT became the company that owns the idea and more importantly, the patents behind the Jayster™ innovation. From there, BRT had to secure funding to produce Jayster™ by launching a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised over $15,000. Combined with blood, sweat, and tears into the company, the Jayster™ became a reality and even more so, Blue Ring Technologies evolved.

Because of BRT’s successful Kickstarter campaign, it has led to the evolution of the business to specialize in rapid prototyping and production! This means that if you have an idea for a new product BRT will not only consult you regarding the design of the product, but we will also consult you in bringing your product and idea to the market, as well as manufacture it with BRT.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

At Blue Ring Technologies, we are a manufacturing and design firm. We can help you bring a product to life from start to finish. We specialize in plastic products which we can design, prototype, and then manufacture. All in house. In sunny South Florida, right here in the USA.

For the inventors of the world, we are talking to you. Do you have an idea but do not know what to do next? Talk to us at Blue Ring. Are you a business and do not have the production capabilities to invest in producing an in-house prototype? Talk to us at Blue Ring. Do you have production needs of any kind, large or small, from the prototype to thousands of units? Talk to us at Blue Ring.

Blue Ring Technologies will help you prototype, patent and brand your idea, crowdfund investment, and also produce your product. All right here in sunny South Florida. This is our company’s mission. This is our purpose. Let us serve you. We will innovate, create, and bring new products to consumers that make life a little easier – Above all else, our driving force will be our passion for engineering, technology and design.


Lou Rivera

Vice President

Blue Ring Technologies LLC