Relatively cheap, high-quality plastic components have revolutionized modern industry and enabled manufacturers to push the boundaries of product design. The key to all of that is injection molding, the manufacturing process for producing plastic parts in volume, quickly and reliably.

Whether there is a need for thousands or even millions of identical parts, it delivers consistent quality from the first to the last item made. The process is both time and cost efficient, with low scrap rates and high output compared to a traditional manufacturing process such as CNC production. At Blue Ring Technologies, we offer the highest quality injection molding for our local customers across South Florida


How Injection Molding works

In its simplest form, an injection molding machine is used to inject plastic material under high pressure into a mold to create the desired part. There are a several stages to this, starting with the mold itself.

The mold

A mold, or die, is the tool into which the plastic is injected that forms into the required shape. They have been traditionally made from steel, although with modern cad design and CNC cutting, aluminum molds are also used for lower volume runs. They are manufactured in two halves, which are held together under pressure in the machine to provide a complete mold for any part. Tooling for the molds is the key to success with injection molding

Molds must be designed carefully, with cuts that allow the plastic to flow effectively, as well as air vents to ensure there are no bubbles in the final product. For smaller items, molds can be made that produce several parts for each injection run, decreasing production times for larger runs.


Injection Molding Process

Injection molding is a versatile process that can be used with a variety of plastics so that the product meets the specifications and needs of any given design, and by varying the plastic involved, the final parts can have significantly different qualities. At Blue Ring Technologies we provide guidance every step of the way for any injection molding project, and we will help find the right plastic material to match the required properties.

During the molding process, the chosen raw material is heated to the required temperature for effective molding. Temperature requirements differ depending on the plastics chosen, but in all cases the material is kept at a uniform temperature that allows the molten plastic to flow freely, ensuring that in the next stage it reaches into every detail of the mold.

Once heated, the plastic is then injected under pressure into the molds, and it can cool until it is solid again. The two halves of the mold are pulled apart and the parts inside can then be removed.

At Blue Ring Technologies, we are one of the few South Florida companies that have our own full-service injection molding machines available, providing automatic operation for fast high-quality output.


Why Choose Injection Molding

With cost efficient, reliable and fast output thanks to minimal wastage and high-tech machines, Blue Ring Technologies injection molding services give a flexible, effective option for your plastic production needs. With a customer focused service, for all plastic production needs in South Florida, our expertise, guidance and knowledge make us first choice for quality, speed and reliability.