Just in case there are others out there not totally sure what Bluetooth is, we thought we’d give you a simplified overview.

    About Bluetooth® Technology

  • Bluetooth wireless technology is the global short-range wireless standard for personal connectivity across a broad range of electronic devices
  • Bluetooth technology boasts an installed base of over 7 billion devices, making it the only proven choice for developers, product manufacturers and consumers worldwide
  • The Bluetooth technology brand promise: Simple. Secure. Everywhere.
  • Simple: The promise of Bluetooth technology and the experience of most users today is that Bluetooth technology just works. Bluetooth enabled products bring simplicity to everyday life through their convenience, freedom and ease of use
  • Secure: Bluetooth technology leads the industry in wireless data security
  • Everywhere: A global standard for connectivity and networking, Bluetooth technology is in billions of products worldwide — more than 40 million medical devices and virtually every mobile phone, laptop computer, tablet and new car

“You may know Bluetooth as the wireless technology you use to connect your phone with your wireless headset or your car’s hands-free speaker systems. But in the near future, you may use the wireless technology to do a lot more than that.” —San Jose Mercury News